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Kauai Estate Coffee

Ground Koloa Estate Coffee Package
Our favorite coffee is Kauai Estate Hawaiian Coffee. The deep, rich flavor of Kauai Coffee beans along with it’s low acidity makes for the perfect cup of coffee.

As with anything from Hawaii, with it’s limited land area, generally remote location and limited natural resources, the price of Kauai Estate Coffee is more than other coffees. Often you’ll find knock off brands of Hawaiian coffees, where the Hawaiian coffee is part of a blend with other coffee beans from other countries. Kauai Estate coffees are 100% Hawaiian beans and are delicious.

You can find the package of Koloa Estate Ground Coffee pictured above at many retail grocery stores including Safeway. We carry a whole bean version of Koloa Estate coffee, so for the coffee we offer you will need to have a grinder. It’s our belief that freshly ground coffee makes the best cup of coffee, so that’s all we carry.

You can also shop for a larger selection of Hawaiian Coffees at Kauai Estate Coffee Store including K-Cups. They’re very friendly folks and are quick to answer your inquiries.

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