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This is a very popular thread on another forum I frequent. It's often hard to come up with inspiration for what to make for dinner. Well, if there is a thread full of what people just got finished cooking for dinner, then that is a great resource. :D

Last night I went out for Mexican food, so not much help there. But, the night before, DH grilled out and we had grilled ham, grilled pineapple, baked potatoes, and garlic bread.
 Posted By: Raquelita 
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I made "Chicken Picadillo" from the latest Cooking Light magazine. It's ground chicken, salsa, cilantro, onions, spices, and golden raisins all sauteed together and served alone or in a tortilla. Pretty good, very healthy, and makes good leftovers :).

And we also had smoothies too, i love how filling they are if you add protein powder.

Later this week i'm going to attempt a Potato & Asparagus Spanish Tortilla (really a type of omelette). I'll let you all know how it goes!
 Posted By: Traciray 
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Last night's dinner was Greek styled chicken breast, greek green beans and salad.

Tonight, I've alreayd boiled some chicken so I'll probably shred it up and fix quick Crispy Chicken Casserole.
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I went out for dinner and had baby back pork ribs at an authentic smoked pork joint. Delicious, and served with homemade mashed potatoes and garlic green beans. Sweet!

This is not something I'd want to eat everyday, but I don't eat out very often. One has to enjoy life every once in a while. Right?
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Raquelita, the last Cooking Light had some great ground chicken recipes, didn't it?

I'm also anxious to try the ice cream recipes in that one. :D